France 2016

Luxembourg Palace, where the Senate convenes and the President of the Senate lives.
Luxembourg Gardens
Bon Marche Department Store Chair selection
View from our hotel at St. Sulpice Bvd. Tromp d'oeil windows on the right
St. Emilion vineyards view from our hotel room window
St. Emilion vineyards
St. Emilion on the way to the town center
St. Emilion
St. Emilion
St. Emilion
St. Emilion chapel side entry...old
St. Emilion
St. Emilion grapes about ready to harvest
St. Emilion view of the village center
St. Emilion morning sunrise
Painting the Monbazillac Chateau. Wendy's favorite dessert wine comes from this area. 
Monbazillac Chateau
Monbazillac Chateau
Monbazillac Chateau
Grape harvest time was around the corner
Back at St. Emilion walking through the vineyards approaching the town center
Arrived at our village Vers Pont du Gard. This is the old lavoir where the clothes used to be washed by hand. This is centuries old but the outer stucture is from the 1800's
Uzes outdoor market
My friends looking over books at the outdoor market in 
Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. Sorgue River
Isle-sur-la Sorgue DMV
Isle-sur-la-Sorgue entertainer crooning classic French amorous songs
Roussillon village, mineral ochre pigment is quarried here
Roussillon Mayor's Office
Roussillon stucco-the mineral pigments are quarried from here.
Les Baux ruin with siege machine replicas in the foreground.
Les Baux Latin "Darkness Into Light", a Protestant saying
Les Baux ruin
Les Baux terrain
Uzes market
Our village square Onion Festival
Onion Festival
Onion Festival
Wendy at the village square lavoir

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